Client endorsement: Review provided by Capcon Limited

Client endorsement: Review provided by Capcon Limited

Capcon is innovating to help businesses manage risk and grow their profit.

Capcon brings extensive expertise to the stocktaking process, through the development of a highly specialised and comprehensive cloud-based stock controls platform.

Effective stock management is essential to safeguard against loss and protect profits. At Capcon, we use our specialist knowledge in the hospitality sector alongside our software platform to deliver valuable insights to our clients to:

– maximise accuracy
– improve supplier negotiations
– highlight variances
– reveal profitability, and
– use tactical promotions.

This investment in Research and Development has enabled us to build a tailored system that meets end user requirements and goes beyond anything else on the market. We are currently working to further advance the software and add even more functionality to this platform.

A special mention goes to the Beavis Morgan R&D Tax Relief team who have not only helped us foster an innovative mindset, but have obtained financial benefit for us through the UK Government R&D Tax Relief Scheme. This has helped Capcon invest further in evolving our systems to ultimately support our clients and grow their profits.

Commenting, Rebecca Heap, Senior Research & Development Manager, says: “It has been a pleasure to support Capcon with Research and Development funding. We look forward to continuing this valued relationship for their ongoing investment in innovation.”

For more information about Capcon’s services to businesses across a range of sectors, visit or contact us on Tel. 01372 237 050 or Email.

For more information about how Beavis Morgan R&D Tax Relief can help your business, contact the team on Tel: 020 7417 0417 or Email: R&