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The R&D Relief Calculators within this website provide a rough estimate of the potential tax relief that you may be eligible to claim back from HMRC, based upon the estimated R&D expenditure which you input into the calculator. Before proceeding with a claim, we recommend a thorough, expert review to ensure that all your qualifying activities are identified and all eligible costs are captured. Companies which submit their R&D Tax Relief claims themselves often, in our experience, end up under-claiming. We therefore strongly urge you to consult a specialist accounting firm who understands the complexities of the R&D Tax Relief claims process and will ensure that all qualify activities and costs are maximised. Contact our Beavis Morgan R&D Tax Relief specialists for further information and assistance.

If you require advice on a specific accountancy, business or taxation problem unrelated to R&D Tax Relief, please contact us and we will connect you with the appropriate expert partner at Beavis Morgan.

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